Does My Pressure Washing Business Rig Need a USDOT Number?

cleaning 1837333 340

cleaning 1837333 340

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When I came to the pressure washing business, I was departing for more than twenty years as a commercial driver. I had been thinking how fine it is free of those motor carrier regulations which had been this kind of grinding portion of my livelihood.

Pressure Washing Business

I couldn’t have been more incorrect. Not long after beginning, I had been doing a home cleaning to get a law enforcement officer.

Cleaning, Steam, Smoke, Pressure

“I really don’t understand, I accredited for additional tonnage so that I wouldn’t be obese,” was my very simple response click this link here now. I had been proud of having taken the time and made the attempt to not cheat my licensing and anticipated weight limitations.

“Where’s the DOT amount?” Was his second simple query.

I, like a lot of additional pressure washing service suppliers in my area, hadn’t given a thought to the simple requirement for managing commercial vehicles.

Trying to choose whether you need a DOT number may be tricky issue, and there are a number of state certain needs of which to know, but my client said it is very simple,”If you’ve got a truck or trailer with business signs, or a trailer with over 1 axle, then I’ll be writing you a ticket should you not have a USDOT number”

There’s a massive body of info there, and tools to help understand all of it. There’s even an internet questionnaire to aid you while you attempt to ascertain whether you have to possess the DOT amount in the first location.

The requirements are fairly fundamental, and therefore are as follows. You Want a USDOT number for those who:

  • O Operate vehicles which are over 10,000 pounds,
  • O Haul hazardous substances in interstate trade.

You must bear in mind that as soon as you’ve got a USDOT number, there are a number of record-keeping requirements that come along with it. As an example, if you take hazmat, for example, sodium hypochlorite in massive quantities, or flammable fluids such as your machine’s gas and a spare gas tank or 2, you’ll have to be aware that.

You’ll also need to enroll as a HAZMAT carrier and keep records of amounts and materials carried. You’ll need to implement a security program and a driver eligibility document, in addition to documents of your driver’s hours of service documents.

This appears to be a fantastic deal of red tape, however it’s required to be a valid pressure washing company that works machines that falls under the Department of Transportation’s controlled guidelines. It’s a cost of doing business, and has to be a part of your business strategy. It’s helpful to bear in mind that these documents are comparatively straightforward, and may be determined by documents you keep.

In my experience, motor carrier safety regulations are available to several interpretations, therefore it’s most likely a fantastic idea to consult your state DOT and with the neighborhood Carrier Enforcement section in your nation. They’re assumed to have the current information required to help you in staying compliant. The USDOT website has links to each of the state DOT websites.

Again, the info could be contradictory, therefore discover the most educated people you can, the penalties creep up steeply in my paltry hundred bucks. Do not bet the business on the term of a functionary, ask the questions that you want to, so as to acquire the best answers potential.

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