Barbie Hair Trimmer – The Best One on the Market?

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Tree Trimming Barbie is an exclusive 1998 Mattel creation doll. The set includes a Barbie Doll approx. 11.5″ high, with black hair & dark eyes. Barbie comes with a purple hairband, a pink headband, pearl earrings, a white button ring, and a black elastic waistband.

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One of the best accessories for this toy is the Barbie tree. It comes with four branches and a center trunk tree trimming. When the Barbie doll puts her hands in the tree area, it will move and twirl up and down moving her hair and hands realistically. The center trunk is also great because it provides a place for Barbie to sit. When she puts her legs in the tree it will rotate out and come back to its original position.

It is very easy to operate this toy because of the numerous switches on the handle that change the direction of the brushing. It has two speed settings and separately can be adjusted for either tight or loose brushing. The first speed is low and is good for beginning. As the child gets better at using the trimmer she can raise the setting to one of the higher speeds. There is also an electronic sound that plays when the brush is being drawn back and forth. All of these features make the Barbie’s Hair Trimmer a very entertaining toy.

After Tree Trimming

For children who are a little on the rough side, they may want to get a pair of clippers so they can begin to trim their own hair when they get older. There is an attachment on one of the branches of the Barbie’s hair tree that allows the parent to pull the clipper back far enough so that there is no danger of cutting off any part of the child’s hair. This is perfect for parents who may have hair that is too long in some areas so that they need to have it cut down. Children will enjoy this and it helps develop hand to eye coordination.

Using a standard set of tree trimmers can be very expensive, but they do have a dual action feature. They start the motor with one forward motion and the brush comes back with another movement after the current session is completed. One feature that is really nice is that some models of the Barbie hair tree trimmer come with a “panic button” built into them. This button can be pressed if the child finds themselves in an uncomfortable situation. For example, if the child runs down the tree and pushes the brush forward, it will come back and grab onto the tree trimmer before it can move any further.

Final Words

Since the trimmers are battery operated they are a great toy for any little girl who is getting ready to get her first haircut. They provide hours of fun and relaxation, as the child learns to maintain and care for her own hair. While the prices on these items can be a bit high, you will find that it is worth the price. The Barbie hair trimmer is the best one on the market for a number of reasons.

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