Ceramic Capacitor Cracking and Its Prevention

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Ceramic Capacitor cracking is a process that many an electrician has to face while dealing with PC board manufacturing high voltage ceramic disc capacitors. These are the components that make a computer work. When the circuit becomes unstable or even fails to function, there is a high chance of an electric shock which can cause permanent and irreparable damage.

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Hence, it is very important to understand this very important fact very well. You should never attempt to repair such a board without proper training, experience, and equipment. This article will explain how ceramic capacitors crack and what to do when such an unfortunate event occurs.

Ceramic Capacitor Cracking

There are two kinds of PC board materials used in electronic devices like mobile phones, DVD players, microwave ovens, personal computers etc. One of the most important components of these devices is the printed circuit board, also known as PCB. On the other hand, another important component of these devices is the sensitive electronic components like microchips or programmable logic chips. Ceramic chip capacitors form an integral part of these devices as they are highly heat resistant and long lasting.

Final Words

However, one of the main reasons behind the ceramic capacitor cracking is that there was not enough heat exposure to the board during design and manufacture. Since heat is one of the main reasons for the failure of electronic circuits, ceramic capacitor cracking often happens at the time of replacement of the old units with the new ones. The old units can easily crack due to moisture, humidity and dust. The new polymer film capacitors installed on the same old PC board may also have the same problem.

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