Darjeeling Timing in Rock Gardning

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The barbotey rock garden in Chunnu, West Bengal is one of the newest tourist attractions in the sultry hill town of Darjeeling. It has emerged as an attraction amidst the backdrop of the majestic hills of Darjeeling, in India’s northeast.

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Since its inception in March 2021, the Rock Garden has been a point of convergence for the locals as well as foreigners in Garden Maintenance services. The rock garden at Chunnu was built by the villagers themselves. Its construction revitalized the sagging village of Chunnu and transformed it into a hub of local culture, commerce, and tourism.

Timing in Rock Gardning

The rock garden at Chunnu was built on a hillock with a water body below it. This was channeled through canals which were then linked to the nearby rivers and streams. The rock garden is built on a platform on the hillock, which was supported by a wooden staircase.

The staircase was built on a rocky outcropping of rock, which gave the impression of hundreds of stairs. The entire arrangement was done on a budget, with only a few materials being used and skilled laborers making the garden appear elaborate and opulent. It was designed to replicate the natural conditions of the local landscape.

Initially, the garden had just three gardens. Today, the Garden has grown to encompass almost seventy gardens spread all across Chunnu. Each garden is unique in its design, having a different feel from its neighboring ones. Some of the most popular timings are mentioned below.

Final Words

The Garden has also gained popularity among tourists because of its availability at affordable prices. Most visitors are able to spend a comfortable evening in the garden with their families and friends.

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