Driving Instructor Jobs in UAE

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If you are looking for a career in driving, then you can choose to apply for a job as a driving instructor in UAE. The UAE is known for its high-quality driver training, and driving instructors in the United Arab Emirates are in great demand.

Driving Instructor Jobs

The country also has a growing number of students and is one of the best places to start your career. It is not uncommon for foreigners to work as instructors, which is a great opportunity for expatriates.

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Driving instructor jobs are highly demanding, and they require a lot of commitment. The most common hours for full-time instructors are 40 hours a week, but they can also work on weekends and evenings Driving Lesson East London. As with other jobs in the UAE, instructors may work on a seasonal basis, with less work during the winter.

Annual leave is often limited, due to the demands of maintaining a steady income. A full-time instructor can expect to give 35 one-hour lessons per week. A driving instructor’s job duties include teaching students to observe the road and responding to hazards, and giving advice on the Highway Code. In addition to providing guidance to students, instructors must also ensure that the vehicle they are using is clean and air-conditioned.

Depending on the region, driving instructor jobs can vary greatly in pay and experience. Full-time positions require an average of forty-eight hours a week. Part-time instructors may also work fewer hours in the winter, and their annual leave is reduced as a result of the demands of maintaining a steady income. Regardless of the position, driving instructor salaries in the United Arab Emirates can be highly lucrative.

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