Fencing and Martial Arts

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Fencing is a sport group of approximately three disciplines; Freestyle, Competitive Fencing, and Epee. The three disciplines in fencing are the epee, the sabre, and foil; winning competitions are made via the contact of the blade with an opponent.


Typically, the sport fencer is required to wear protective clothing and protective equipment including gaiters, coats, gloves, socks, and leggings as well as training pants and shorts. Most fencing is done on grass or a synthetic surface and there are many regional and national championships throughout the world, as well as numerous sparring opportunities.

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There are many different styles of fencing including epee, saber, and foil. Epee is the shortest style of fencing and is performed barefoot, while saber and foil fencing styles are both done with protective padding and a uniform mastergroups concrete driveway. Fencing in itself has a lengthy history, and traces can be found back to ancient Greece.

Originally the weapons used were simple, such as the throwing of stones, clubs, or poles, but as time passed more elaborate weapons were created including the Greek’s bow and arrows. Archery is quickly becoming a popular sport that people enjoy joining, and fencing has even seen a rise in popularity among those who participate in Olympic events.

The most important factor in the sport of fencing is the use of the legs as well as the arms to propel the entire body into the correct position for the thrusting weapon. Most fencers wear protective clothing including gaiters and sleeves as well as padding and leggings. Most fencing requires the fencer to stand with one foot forward of the target, using their thigh muscles to push themselves into position to prevent themselves from being pushed back by the weight of the blade.

Most bouts last a few minutes, with the bout being completed when the assailant is defeated or falls to the ground. When the bout ends, the winning player is the one who was able to thrust the entire body into the opponent, leaving them to drop to the ground.

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