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Car scrap yards have been around for ages and as the name suggests they salvage cars that are discarded or auctioned due to some problem such as a car breaking down. They can be found in every major city of India and are a very profitable business with excellent returns.

Best Auto Scrap Dealers

In Delhi, the major car salvage yards can be found in areas such as Khan Market, Lower Left lane, GK III road, Rajendranath Road, Indira Park, Jor Bagh, Shahjahan Road, Borivali, and Rajendra Nagar. There are many smaller yards scattered all throughout the city.

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The majority of these salvage yards buy their stock from factories and dealers and sell it to the customers. The inventory consists mainly of cars, which are either being disposed of due to lack of use or because they are defective Scrap car dealer near me. The vehicles are brought to them and inspected thoroughly before they are damaged or disposed off.

Scrap yards purchase cars either through advertisements in newspapers or through the collection and detailing companies of the vehicle manufacturers. After the inspection, they repair and try to sell the damaged cars with a discount. They make money from the premiums paid by the insurance companies on the car.

There is a great demand for cars at auto auctions and there is always a huge competition among the salvage car dealers in Delhi. It is important to find out the car that will fetch you the maximum profit. You should make a list of features that you wish to check on the car you wish to purchase. You can visit the websites of the car dealers to check the features of the cars and the prices and also to arrange for the payment options. The feature of the features will determine the price of the car at the auto auction.

After knowing the features of the car you wish to purchase you should go to the auto scrap yards and examine the car yourself. If you find a defect then you can bargain with the dealer to fix it before you pay the money for the car. There are many car scrap yards in Delhi and you can find the list of them online. You can buy the car directly from these auto scrap yards or can buy the car in the damaged condition.

Before you buy any car from Delhi, you should first check the documents very carefully. You should check whether the car has an original owner who has taken the car legally. If it is a stolen car then you should get it replaced with a new one. You should also check whether the car has been involved in any accidents. If you get a car with a clean title then you can be assured of a good deal.

If you have a spare budget then you can also look for the salvage cars in Delhi in the scrap yards. These are slightly expensive than the normal cars but if you bargain for it then you can get it down to a reasonable price. You can even try to buy a salvage car in the auctions organized by the Government of Delhi and other leading cities.

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