How a Cannabus Company Poses a Daunting Challenge to the Legalizers

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A recent article by cannabis podcasters Eric Tulsky and Brian Vicens discuss how the cannabis industry is being regulated by licensed cannabis suppliers. The pair interviewed several firms, including Leaf Brands, a company that sells branded cannabis products such as rolling papers, rubbers, pipes, grinders, and ice makers to customers in fourteen states plus the District of Columbia, that are members of the California cannabis trade.

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Tulsky and Vicens noted that despite the fact that the cannabis industry is illegal under federal law, many state governments are taking an “interactive role” in the industry by regulating it via licensing programs public relations firm cannabis. In some cases, they noted, state law enforcement officials have discretion not to enforce federal law.

How a Cannabis Company Poses?

Since the interview was published online, several news sources have picked up the story. The Financial Times (FT) published an article with the headline, “Cannabis company brings lawyers, government officials together.”

The Washington Post also has a story on its website with the headline, “Cannabis company expands global footprint.” In addition, MSNBC broadcast a piece with the headline, “Cannabis company expands footprint.” Even the Canadian press has picked up the story.

Cannabis Company Expands

While it’s unlikely that any of the companies discussed in the interview would face legal action from the federal government, it is clear that there is a growing interest among regulated cannabis businesses in working closely with state officials to avoid detection from federal authorities. The two men indicated that they had worked with at least one of the companies they interviewed.

It’s not clear whether that firm is the one currently operating out of a small office in a small town in Canada. Their websites don’t even list a physical address. When contacted, spokespeople for the firms expressed concern that their clients could be contacted by authorities due to their association with the cannabis industry.

Regardless, the fact that an industry that until recently was rarely regulated was suddenly being inspected by local police and the Sate Attorney’s office makes some wonder if those businesses engaged in unlawful activities. It is also possible that the scrutiny is meant as a deterrence measure.

After all, if the State Attorney’s office discovered that a particular company was distributing reefer-type drugs to clients, they might think twice about letting that company continue. It’s also possible that police are simply trying to collect evidence for future investigations.

Whatever the reason for the police inspection, the fact that the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing and most profitable in the country means that entrepreneurs could be in for a few bumps in the road, as they become established in their new line of work.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs hope that these risks will prove to be nothing more than minor bumps along the road. As the industry gains more experience, they may find that they’re willing to take those risks. For now, it’s best to play it safe.

The company representatives interviewed said they planned to stay on board for at least two years. Some have already started to grow their client base by creating websites, distributing literature and holding networking events.


Each of the firms has a social media page where they discuss current events, share links to current and upcoming events, and talk about the products that their firm offers. cannabis PR companies generally have a blog that talks about what services they provide and how their work can help people. In many ways, it’s a way for budding entrepreneurs to learn a bit more about the world of cannabis before taking their business to the next level.

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