How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in Pakistan?

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The cost of health insurance in Pakistan is quite high. This is because of the lack of a robust public health care system, as well as the government’s overreliance on private health insurance companies. Also, the long claim filing process and corruption in the industry make it difficult to access health insurance.

Public vs private sector

The public and private sectors of healthcare delivery are equally important. They are both essential for regulation and basic services. Combining the two would produce a more robust and efficient healthcare system.

The state-run sector provides health care through a number of public health interventions. However, it lags in most indicators, especially when compared to neighboring countries Health Insurance Florida such as India and Indonesia. In particular, it is far behind in neonatal mortality and child immunization rates.

The private sector, on the other hand, provides the vast majority of the country’s healthcare. Health practitioners in the private sector include pharmacists, laboratory technicians and unqualified practitioners. Some government and semi-government organizations also provide health services to their employees and their dependents.


Corruption is a big problem in the health sector. It can undermine the development of an inclusive, pro-poor health system. Ultimately, it can affect the health of the entire population.

One of the best ways to reduce corruption is to understand the social and political contexts in which it occurs. This requires a multi-sectoral approach.

For example, it is important to identify the different types of corruption. Although there are some common elements, there may be several variations within a given country.

A systematic study of the prevalence of corruption in the health sector is a good first step towards mitigating the problem. Ideally, the results will help policymakers and practitioners devise more innovative strategies to address this problem.

In this study, we use the systematic framework of a systems thinking approach to assess how corruption impacts health outcomes. The findings highlight the various factors that contribute to corruption in LMICs in south and south-east Asia.

Underutilization of health insurance

The health care system of Pakistan is facing unprecedented challenges due to an increasing population. It is estimated that by 2050, the country will have a population of 26 million people aged 65 and older. This translates to a dependency ratio of over 65 percent.

In a country with a rapid population growth, limited health workers and inadequate health infrastructure, underutilization of public healthcare is a major issue. Literature has identified several factors that contribute to this.

Currently, the country has a very small private insurance industry. However, the government has established several government-supported health insurance initiatives. These schemes are aimed at hospitalization, but have low uptake by the target population.

Health care insurance can help to bridge the gap between those who do not have access to healthcare and those who are covered by the system. Although, the tax net is not broad-based, it is a key mode of health-care finance.

Expatriate medical insurance

If you are moving to Pakistan, you will want to ensure that you have adequate access to health care. While the country has a well-developed healthcare system, it isn’t cheap. As a result, many expatriates struggle to find good insurance plans.

Many factors influence the cost of medical insurance. Your age, income, and current health status will all play a role in determining the cost of your international plan. However, some of these factors are out of your control.

In most cases, expatriates are professionals, artists, retirees, or students who are sent abroad by their employer. They usually have extensive private life insurance plans.

Health insurance costs can be high in most countries. Most foreign nationals living in Pakistan are concerned about the country’s healthcare setup. It can be complicated and sometimes difficult to deal with doctors and hospitals.

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