How To Choose The Best Gaming Headsets For Your Xbox One

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Gaming Headsets for Xbox One are a must-have accessory for the ultimate hardcore gamer on the block. The new controllers offer a lot more than playing with a stick. These accessories provide many new capabilities such as being able to map hotkeys, enabling the player to use voice chat applications, record and playback, and being able to use multiple controls at once.

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All of this allows the hardcore gamer to have endless hours of endless fun using their headsets for CSGO. This article is going to take a look at some of the top gaming headsets for Xbox One, and which one is the best choice for you.

Gaming Headsets For Your Xbox One

Turtle Beach has been known for making quality headsets for years. For the last few generations they have stayed true to the high standard that has made them so popular. The latest headsets from Turtle Beach provide superior sound clarity and have a very modern design. One of the best features of the headset is the ability to map different buttons. This allows the gamer to quickly know what function does what when necessary.

For hardcore gamers the Bose wireless gaming headset is probably the best headset on the market. The Bose Xleari 2.4 headset has a lot of features, and most people who use it love it. The headset itself is durable, and the earbud adapters make sure that there is no where the headset will fall out.

Comfortable To Use

The controls are large, and the headset is comfortable to use. The headset has four earpieces, which allow you to adjust them to any position, and there is a large volume button that can be used to control any recording or gaming applications.

For casual gamers JVC has developed the ultimate headset for their line of headsets for Xbox One. The VeroX Live is designed to work as a wired headset, but can also be used with the wireless adapter that comes with the Xbox One.

This allows for a full range of connectivity and is perfect for anyone who needs an easy to use wireless headset. One of the best aspects of this headset is the noise-cancelling microphone, which muffle out all of the external noise so that you can listen to your game without having to worry about distracting noises from other players in the game. The gaming range on the VeroX Live is quite large, and the headset also includes two earbuds, a hands-free headset, and a headset adapter.

If you are going to be using the gaming headset while travelling then the Stereo MP3 transmitter is perfect for your needs. The transmitter is small, light, and able to be placed right on your ear to ensure that you have a constant connection no matter where you go. You can use the included rechargeable battery to keep your headset charging no matter what. The Stereo MP3 transmitter works great with any sort of audio device, including iPods and phones, and even speakers.

Final Words

If you are looking for gaming headsets for Xbox One, then you will want to read our other reviews on the Xbox One and check out the headsets we recommend. Remember that if you do purchase a headset for the Xbox One, you will need to know how to connect it to your computer. There are a few different options, and some of them are not very user-friendly. So, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully, as they will help you avoid any problems as you get started playing. Good luck and happy gaming!

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