Lift Manufacturing Institute and Amatrol Expand Partnership

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LIFT is a global leader in advanced manufacturing technologies and has a 20,000-square-foot facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan. LIFT convenes an ecosystem of industry, leading academic research universities, small and medium-sized manufacturers, and national education and workforce development partners to create and commercialize breakthrough technologies for industry and the Department of Defense. The Institute’s High Bay is home to the nation’s premier advanced materials development facility, LIFT TechSandbox. The Institute also features an advanced manufacturing processes facility and connects materials.

Digital Model Factory

A hands-on learning experience is the goal of the Digital Model Factory, a new facility at LIFT Manufacturing Institute in Corktown, Michigan. The facility will showcase augmented reality solutions and a manufacturing line. Kearney, the world’s leading consulting firm, is working with LIFT and a network of technology solution providers to create a comprehensive digital experience for manufacturers. In a recent article, the firm described the project’s benefits.

The LIFT Innovation Institute is a public-private partnership comprised of industry, government, and academia that works to advance advanced manufacturing technologies and develop talent. The program includes educational initiatives for workers interested in advanced manufacturing. The Institute is a Platinum member of LIFT In addition to fostering the development of advanced manufacturing skills, LIFT also provides internships and jobs to students. It will continue to expand its mission to enhance the American manufacturing base.

IGNITE: Mastering Manufacturing

The IGNITE curriculum focuses on developing a diverse group of skilled individuals who are ready to meet the demands of manufacturing businesses. This curriculum combines theory and concept learning with practical project-based experiences to foster teamwork and critical thinking. Students will complete real-world assignments and projects to demonstrate their understanding of industry-relevant concepts and technologies. IGNITE also provides students with the opportunity to sit for occupational certification exams.

The IGNITE program blends self-directed eLearning with hands-on equipment to provide hands-on training in the latest technologies. It starts with foundational topics like electrical fabrication, AC/DC electricity, and fluid power, and then moves to cover the fundamentals of Industry 4.0. Students will learn the principles of digital fabrication, data analytics, and other essential skills needed to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

Operation Next certification program

The Operation Next advanced manufacturing certification program is designed to meet the needs of employers and individual students by providing a flexible and innovative training path. It combines hands-on training and multimedia with virtual learning to create a nationally recognized certification. Currently, there are 101 soldiers enrolled in the program, and the number is expected to increase. To date, 87% of the graduates have been hired into the industry. To learn more about the program, visit the lift manufacturing institute website.

LIFT is a national manufacturing innovation institute with headquarters in Detroit and a 20,000-square-foot facility in Sterling Heights, Michigan. LIFT develops cutting-edge technologies and education programs for industry and the Department of Defense. LIFT is collaborating with Henry Ford College to provide advanced manufacturing training to people interested in the field. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to apply for jobs in advanced manufacturing industries.

Partnership with Amatrol

Amatrol, a national leader in manufacturing training equipment and interactive multimedia e-learning courses, has expanded its long-standing partnership with the LIFT Manufacturing Institute. Based in Jeffersonville, Ind., Amatrol is a leading provider of manufacturing training systems, hands-on simulators, and interactive e-learning courses. The new partnership aims to expand the LIFT’s training capabilities, while also expanding the program’s presence nationwide.

IGNITE, a modular learning platform developed with the manufacturing industry in mind will allow students to learn anytime, anywhere, and in any environment. IGNITE will be accessible through Amatrol’s powerful learning management system, allowing for flexibility and customization of courses. Amatrol’s LMS will offer an array of customizable assessment and learning tools, including hands-on skill assessment tracking and a student diagnostic tool.

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