Malaysian Incorporated Services Berhad

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A Malaysian incorporated services company (also called an MKSB) is a business entity that is registered in Malaysia. It can be formed to provide services or products to local and foreign consumers. It must have a registered office and an address in Malaysia. Its registered office must be open to the public during normal business hours.

Malaysian Incorporated Services Berhad

All company decisions must be made by written resolutions and must have the signatures of at least 75% of the company’s shareholders. Its records must be kept in an organized and legible form and filed with the Registrar and the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

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A Malaysian incorporated services company must have at least one promoter and two directors residing in the company incorporation Singapore. After incorporation, all companies in Malaysia must appoint a company secretary within 30 days.

The company secretary must be a licensed professional or be a member of a professional association prescribed by the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. Listed companies must have a company secretary. For a limited company, this person must have a law degree from a Malaysian university or college.

A BHD company must have at least two shareholders, while an SDN BHD company must have fifty shareholders. A BHD company, on the other hand, is the largest company in Malaysia and has higher financial reporting requirements than an SDN BHD company.

Its financial statements must be published and all shareholders must be listed in public. BHD firms have greater access to capital than SDN BHD companies and can access public equity and debt financing.

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