Plumbing Maintenance: Are You Preparing For Some Major Expenses?

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Plumbing maintenance is definitely something that you must do at least once a week to catch even small errors that may turn into big, expensive problems later. One little leak could cost you a ton of water. One drip a day from just one faucet on your house adds up to more than 1,440 drips per hour!

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That’s gallons per hour, not seconds per hour. Now, multiply that by the number of hours in a day (I’m assuming here that you have 24 hours a day of plumbing maintenance) and we can really start to get concerned.

Plumbing Maintenance Overview

If you don’t have Clinton Maintenance & Plumbing maintenance now, when will you have it? You may not realize it now, but without doing some inspections now, you may find that you are getting more waste into your drainage system than you realize. Old socks, old dishes, pet hair and more may be getting pushed through those pipes that you are too busy to see.

Over time, if you don’t have enough old socks to unclog your sinks and drains, and they build up and cause an overflow, that’s a lot of waste going down the drain. Don’t wait until you have a gush of wastewater going down your toilets to call in the plumber – it may be too late.

Final Words

So, if you don’t have any plumbing maintenance at all, don’t delay. Start checking out your home plumbing system today. Your family’s health and safety depend on it.

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