Prescription Drug Plan Tied to Medical Annual Deductible

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I am a retired AT&T worker who has Medicare as their primary insurance and my own secondary policy is via AT&T. This season my choice procedure didn’t indicate what firm would take my secondary insurance. The choices were tagged AT&T Standard and AT&T Choice 1 with all the Opt.

Prescription Drug

My secondary policy for the previous 4 years was Cigna and because AT&T supplies my secondary policy I picked the AT&T Standard plan.

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Following the end of the registration period I obtained a brand new medical card from the email suggesting I was currently United Healthcare finding the lowest cost. I went back on the registration information which at the time was just around 4 booklets and did not find United mentioned anyplace.

I immediately find on the internet to establish my new account to monitor and reorder refills just to discover that two of those four medications on file hadn’t come over from Medco.

My next trip to the Dr. I ask they send the 2 drugs to Caremark who aren’t showing accessible for refill they did. A few days after I get a call about a refill of a medication which formerly cost me $66.00/90 day supply which will be 318.20.

It’s now that the customer support individual advises I’ve an $1100.00 allowance which must be fulfilled of pharmacy and medical costs out of pocket. Yesfor the very first time that the deductible for prescription and medical medication have become tied together.

Being a main Medicare patient I’ve a $100.00 medical allowance annually and I’d not have another $1000.00 in medical visits over the year to cover this allowance so it’s going to be all prescription drug deductible.

Looking further I see below the AT&T Standard and AT&T Choice 1 is your United Healthcare connection which isn’t permitted within this informative article with”my” in front of it in tiny letters or”My United Health Care” website that’s the sole sign before registration final to provide an idea as to that the medical care is offered by. In the time of registration and before obtaining the UHC card in the mail this internet site meant nothing to me personally.

My husband’s Blue Shield program for the national government registration has closed and that I might have been inserted to his more economical than this allowance.

I finally have a pile of books, a few marked SBCothers marked AT&T a few of which seem to be copies of one another but have different inventory numbers.

I’m replacing my Nexium using OTC and carrying the medication list in the Walmart Pharmacy for my physician to ascertain exactly what $4.00 generic medications will replace my additional few drugs. I really don’t give Walmart charge for much, but they’ve used their bargaining power to the general good in the bargaining of costs on generic medications, a lesson that our government could utilize.

Basically I don’t have prescription drug coverage today and I am convinced that this was a general strategy that in my situation is functioning.

I dread to learn what possibly lurking in this pile of books that has not yet been uncovered.

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