Review of Tecta America – A Guide to Commercial Roofing

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There is a new company in Fort Wayne roofing that has developed a revolutionary new product called Tecta America. They have developed a revolutionary new solution for Fort Wayne roofing.

Review of Tecta America

The Tecta America roof system uses a multi-layered system to protect your building’s roof from the elements. If you live in or around Fort Wayne, Indiana and you want a roof that is UV protected, water-resistant, fire retardant, and more, then this is probably right for you.

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“I was surprised that our warranty last year with our local manufacturer was an entire year,” says Jim Tappo, owner of Tappo Manufacturing in Fort Worth, Texas. “It actually came with a special coating that made a big difference in the longevity of our roof.

I was worried about getting the warranty back because it was given so long ago and it didn’t make sense to me.” The manufacturer had sent him a sample warranty in the mail along with a letter that explained the multi-layered system and how it would protect his roof. He was blown away.

“The Tecta America warranty covers everything that you need it to cover,” says Mike Gill, Fort Worth roofing expert roofers. “Even the smallest interlocking tiles come with an 8-year warranty and an energy efficient roofing system. I have never seen anything like it in my 40 years of roofing experience.” Jim adds, “now that I’m a happy customer, I’m going to order more from Tecta.”

As one of the fastest growing residential roofing companies in Texas, Tecta has built up a great customer service reputation in Fort Worth. “We have a crew of professionals who are always on the phone to solve a problem or simply give advice,” says Jim. “When I call, I know someone is going to be available to help me regardless of what time it is. It’s nice to know you’re not only dealing with a roofer, but also with a company that cares about my business.”

In addition to offering the highest quality roofing system, Tecta offers a variety of other services including installation, cleaning, repair, & maintenance. “We also offer green solutions to a wide variety of problems and concerns,” says Mike. “We try to match the needs of the client to the best available solution within our budget.” With the help of a friendly technician, many homeowners will be able to get their roofs looking great in no time.

By providing a high level of customer service, Tecta has established itself as a solid choice for Fort Worth roofers. “I feel that everyone deserves a roof that looks good and functions well. My staff is always willing to go above and beyond what is necessary to make sure everything is satisfactory,” says Mike. If you need a new roof, contact Tecta!

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