Roof Cleaning in Geelong

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Roof cleaning in Geelong can be tough, but not so when you have a specialist company working on your roof for you. We provide a professional roof cleaning service throughout the whole of the city of Geelong. Whether you are getting new roofs installed or just need to get them cleaned up a bit, we can help.

Roof Cleaning

We are located near Melton Mowbray in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, and are known throughout the area for our amazing workmanship. Whether it’s our expert dioxide cleaning process that you are after, or whether it is a simple mop-up job, we can do it for you.

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It’s likely that you will come across the term biocide when you read about our roof cleaning in Geelong services, and this is exactly what it is. Biotite is a by-product of the breakdown of organic material in the soil Roof cleaning Geelong. It is usually responsible for wood decay, but can also cause soft washing on boats, walls, fences, and a variety of other objects.

Biotite is removed through a chemical process that involves applying it to the affected material with a rotary brush machine and then washing it down with water. You will see that the growths that you are seeing are actually dead, living organic material being removed.

We can help you with the cost-effective roof cleaning process that you want to use in Geelong. Roof removal treatments can be very harsh on the environment and require professionals who know what they’re doing.

If you want to take a more environmentally friendly route to your roof removal treatment, our dioxide cleaning service in Geelong can also be used.

This process does not use any harmful biocide but is more cost-effective than other removal treatments. As it is biocide-free, our company uses a more powerful rotary washing machine which leaves your surfaces clean and dry. Our team of specialists keeps you completely informed about all our products including the detailed method of how each one works to make sure your roof gets the care it needs.

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