Rotational Molding – A Popular Process

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Rotational Molding is sometimes referred to as rotocasting, rotomolded, rotoshaping, rotational pressing, rotocoupage, rotogravure or rotational stamping. It involves the use of rotary tools to cut, shape and press plastic materials.

Rotational Molding

Rotational molding can be used for a variety of purposes such as making cans, bottles, cups, toys, DVDs, furniture, car parts, CDs, posters, decals, etc. Many people are turning to rotational molding machines for these types of projects because they are easy to operate, have a long life span and the rotational speed is consistent which eliminates any errors.

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This type of plastic injection molding process can create both finished products and injection molding dieresis for high volume production rotational molding near me. The rotational molding machine rotates the tool at various speeds to spread the powder and liquid material uniformly throughout the material.

There are many advantages to using this type of molding. First, it eliminates any need to preheat the plastic material. Secondly, because the speed of the rotational molding machine is consistent, the consistency in size and shape of the finished product or object is also consistent which eliminates errors in size or shape.

The rotational molding machines are generally made up of a variety of different components that perform different tasks. Some rotational molding machines are powered by an electric motor, while others are powered by a diesel engine. The engines are commonly gasoline-powered or internal combustion engines.

The other main components of rotational molding machines are the machine tools which are either computer numerical controlled or CNC driven. These parts include the drive and the computer control systems along with the software programs necessary for the plastic injection molding process.

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