Smart Watch User Manual SUPERSONIC

Smart Watch User Manual SUPERSONIC
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The SC-64SW Smart watch User Manual SUPERSONIC is a great way to get started using your new Smart watch. This guide will help you set up your watch and understand all of its functions. It also provides information about how to connect your watch to your smartphone. It also shows how to use the Pedometer, Timer, Alarm and Stopwatch functions.


The pedometer on the SC-64SW Smartwatch is one of the most helpful smartwatch functions. To get started, simply open the pedometer app and tap the start button to track your caloric intake and expenditure over time.

The app will also display the time and date of your workouts on display. Many apps also occupy your time, from music players to social media. This is a slick way to stay Operating instructions and keep fit without breaking the bank. The pedometer may also be used to measure your sleep patterns. The best part is that you can do it all on your wrist.


The Timer function of the SC-64SW Smart watch User Manual SUPERSONIC allows you to monitor your daily activity. You can track the number of steps, distance and calories burned to help you achieve your fitness goals. It is also an effective tool to avoid insufficient or excessive exercise.

Open the Fundo Wear APP, click “Add device” on “Me” screen and search Bluetooth devices nearby, find the watch SC-64SW and pair it. When the watch and mobile phone are connected successfully, the display will show like.

In addition, it will synchronize data when you click “Sync” in the APP. Moreover, it will alert you to read incoming SMS, QQ and other applications on the watch when they are sent from the phone. It is useful to keep you up-to-date on your personal and work schedules.


The SC-64SW Smart watch is no slouch in the feature department and the company’s offerings are worth checking out. The Smart watch has a couple of tricks up its sleeve including an impressive pedometer and the ability to take incoming calls via Bluetooth 3.0 or a SIM card. It also has a sizable battery life and is smack dab in the middle of the fitness spectrum. You can even leave it on the charger while you go about your business, a cliche for any mobile gadget fanatic.

The company has a solid track record in wearable technology and you’ll find a few of the same on display at USB Spy Camera. The SC-64SW is one of the best buys in its price range and will be a welcome addition to your mobile gadgetry collection.


Stopwatches are watches that record the amount of time that has elapsed from a starting point. They can also be used to measure splits and cumulative times for specific events such as race laps.

They are often referred to as chronographs because they combine the Greek words “chronos” meaning time, and “graphos” meaning to write or record.

A stopwatch typically has a main display and three buttons. The left button measures lap splits and cumulative splits, the middle button changes the mode and the right button starts and stops the stopwatch.

Some stopwatches have additional features such as calendar, pacer and alarm functions. You can find a list of all available functions in your watch’s owner’s manual.

Remote Control

Using the Supersonic SC-64SW Smart watch as your phone’s remote control is a simple and convenient way to make calls, access your phone’s functions like texts, phone book and call history and more. It also allows you to track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes, as well as monitor your sleep.

To use the SC-64SW with your iPhone, open the APP HitFit and click “Add device” on the “Me” screen to search Bluetooth devices nearby. Then, find your watch SC-64SW and pair it. Then, the menu interface will show two Bluetooth devices connected successfully as below. 2).Data synchronization Click ” “, the screen will show sync data in the APP. You can also check your phone call records after you connect with the Bluetooth.

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