Types of Granite For Headstones

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If you are choosing a granite headstone for a loved one, you’ll want to be mindful of the colors and patterns available. The most common granite colors are morning rose, sterling gray, and India black. There are countless variations of each, so you’ll surely find a granite color that fits the personality of the deceased. Whether you’re looking for a light color or a dark one, granite has many hues available to choose from.

Types of Granite For Headstones

For the traditional gray headstone, you’ll find a variety of colors, but if you want something more unique, consider pink granite. Pink granite is durable, and its name suggests a gentle, feminine color. It’s rarer than many other colors, but it has a unique appeal. Whether you’re looking for a simple color or a more unique one, you’ll find it at Oakview Memorials.

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Color is another important factor in the cost of a monument. Color is not only important when choosing a type of stone, but it’s also essential in determining the legibility of fonts. Granite is a natural stone, so the color and veining of each stone are unique Galina. The color of a granite headstone can vary significantly from one quarry to another. The choice of color may depend on the personality of the deceased, as some types of granite are more suited to cold personalities than others.

The various types of granite for headstones allow families to personalize the monument. Granite allows families to incorporate any type of image, inscription, or epitaph they would like to include on their loved one’s headstone. The result is a monument that will stand the test of time, and your loved one’s lifetime. This makes granite the best material for a monument, and it’s not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing.

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