What Are The Best Types Of Pest Control Services?

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There are several types of pest control available, which fall under different classifications, with various degrees of efficacy, availability and price. These classifications were first introduced by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the National Primary Management Program. The EPA first categorized pest control according to the extent of damage or destruction caused by a pest species. The pest control types also include: general, household, bed & breakfast, commercial, industrial, and recreational. Pest categories Pest Control

General Household and residential pest control include:

Fumigation, elimination of rodents, eliminating spider and rodent infestation, eliminating Roach and rodent populations, eliminating termites, termite inspection, and/or controlling the occurrence of ants website. This includes insect infestations, birds, bats, squirrels, rabbits, and rodents, which can invade homes, hotels, shops, manufacturing plants, and other buildings, dining tables, office tables, bathrooms, and kitchens, among others.

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The homeowner, business operator, or business owner can apply pesticides for termite control on his own, but it is recommended that they hire services from professional companies who provide pest control – application of pesticides to prevent or solve problems with these pests. While on the other hand, those who need pest control for a commercial building can engage professionals who apply pesticides on behalf of the clientele in the establishment.

Structural Pest Control

The application of pesticides to structures is known as structural pest control. If infested with mites, which cause softwood rot, the infested surface can be treated using a powder that is mixed with water and left to dry. Meanwhile, termites can be detected using a rot removal product, which is applied on the surfaces. Then, using a rot removal applicator, one can apply pesticides to the exposed areas. Since this process uses a powder, it is best to work with licensed contractors who can ensure safety.

Agricultural Pest Control

With today’s increasing demands for food, farmers need to apply pesticides when combating various pests. There are several things that farmers need to consider when choosing an agricultural pest control service. First, it is important for one to check if the company provides annual re-certification and re-treatment services.

This ensures that the company applies the right pesticide solution especially if one lives in a locality that has changed from its original farming practices. Moreover, the agriculture pest control company should have an excellent pest control management system, which includes inspections and re-treatment of structures and non-structural areas to prevent any intrusion by rodents, insects, and other organisms.

Food Processing

During past outbreaks, food processing establishments face frequent fumigation. These fumigation procedures are necessary to kill pests such as rodents, ants, and aphids before they get access to finished products. If fumigation is conducted by unqualified personnel, it can do more harm than good.

To avoid such occurrences, check whether the pest control company provides the right personnel who are qualified to conduct the fumigation procedures. Lastly, a company that specializes in food processing should have a permanent staff that performs fumigation duties. For small businesses that are just starting out, hiring a part-time fumigation employee may be sufficient until the business grows.

Termite Control

In order to prevent termites from attacking structures and people, termite control is necessary. This involves the application of chemicals that chemically weaken the reproductive capabilities of these insects. The chemical is then released into soil and surrounding areas. However, there are also other pest control options that one can employ. These include the use of baits, physical control, fumigation, and others.

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