What is a Full Architectural Service?

What is a Full Architectural Service?
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A full architectural service includes all the design, planning, and construction aspects of a project. It is a comprehensive service that helps you avoid costly mistakes, give your building contractors a roadmap for the building process and ensures your project will be built according to your plans and specifications.

Most architects provide these services as part of their basic fees. However, some supplemental services may be charged as an additional fee. Understanding these differences will help you determine what is included in your basic architectural service fee and whether supplemental services are right for you.

1. Design

Design is the process of planning, problem-solving, and conceptualizing a solution to a given set of design requirements at http://www.osgoodeproperties.com/. This may be for a product, service, space, or environment.

Designers use creative skills and emotion to generate designs that solve design problems or improve the quality of a product, service, or environment.

Today’s designers work across various disciplines, activities, and practices. They design products and services, craft digital interfaces, and develop business strategies.

2. Planning

Planning is a process of identifying goals and designing courses of action for their achievement. It is a vital component of management that determines the means and methods of achieving organizational objectives.

A sound plan helps an organization to achieve its organizational goals efficiently and effectively, while avoiding waste of resources. It also prevents conflict and confusion among different departments.

The process of planning can be classified into strategic and operational plans. Strategic plans are designed with long-term orientation while operational plans have short-term orientation.

A planning process should be flexible enough to incorporate unforeseen future events that could affect the operation of an enterprise. It should be able to adapt to environmental changes and provide a framework for dealing with them in an effective manner.

3. Scheduling

The scheduling aspect of a full architectural service is the name of the game for all project stakeholders. This phase is a big deal and can account for at least 10-14% of your architects time and fees, not to mention the associated cost of goods and services.

Managing a large scale capital project with an aggressive schedule requires the right mix of resources, processes and teamwork. The most effective approach is to create a solid Schedule Design Plan (SDP) that provides the foundation for identifying, prioritizing and scheduling the key activities that will result in the completion of your project. Using this strategy will enable your architect to produce the most cost effective construction schedule that is also feasible within your budget and your constraints.

4. Documentation

Documentation is written information that describes and explains a product, system, or service. It can take many different forms, including user manuals, technical guides, and online help resources.

In software, documentation can be divided into two categories: external and internal. The former refers to documentation that is intended for use by outside stakeholders, such as customers and partners.

The latter is internal documentation that is created and used by teams within an organization. It includes things like design and implementation plans, technical specifications, and internal processes and procedures.

5. Construction

Typically, this phase covers the development of detailed drawings and specifications that contractors use to estimate construction costs and build your project. Having these plans and specs allows you to choose qualified contractors to bid on the job.

A full architectural service also includes construction administration during the build process where the architect acts as your advocate and liaises with the contractor to make sure they are building according to design intent. This is a vital service as many owners are not familiar with this type of expertise and don’t have the experience to be an advocate during construction themselves.

Architects are also well versed in construction law and can help you with a variety of other issues that occur during the building process. Having these services is critical to ensuring that your project is built according to your intentions and meets all necessary codes, standards, and regulations.

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