What Is the Cost Per Square Foot of Lawn Maintenance?

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Many businesses advertise themselves as Lawn Service or lawn mowing, but really all provide basically the same basic services to all their clients. Unfortunately, you can sometimes find you are getting a lower quote from an unprofessional company that doesn’t fully focus on your specific needs as a consumer.

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Lawn service companies have come a long way in professionalism and in giving their customers the type of service they expect. Lawn service companies are now providing customers with more options and better services than ever before. You can make sure that the lawn service company you choose provides the type of work that will best meet your needs so you can get the most value out of your lawn service dollar.

Cost Per Square Foot of Lawn Maintenance

A growing trend in lawn service has been the addition of online capabilities to many companies’ services. With this, many business owners can now provide quotes, schedule services, and track actual work completed without even leaving the comfort of their own home. It was never easy for busy business owners to get in touch with their lawn service providers when in the past, such services were considered too expensive or too complicated to manage on a personal level.

Lawn service representatives would usually require clients to schedule a visit in person to discuss their yard maintenance needs and to get an idea of what kind of services might be necessary. If a business owner had any concerns about their lawn service provider, they were usually forced to either drop the deal or take their business elsewhere.

Fortunately, it is now much easier for most lawn care customers to get in touch with their lawn service provider without worrying about whether they can make the time in person to speak with a representative. Now, most landscape companies are aware of the fact that many people simply don’t have the time to make it to a business owner’s office to discuss their weekly or monthly lawn care routine.

For this reason, many landscape companies have included an online chat feature on their website that allows customers to talk with a representative virtually from anywhere in the world. If you prefer to talk on the phone instead of e-mailing or chatting, most landscape companies offer voice-over-Internet Protocol or VoIP technology that allows you to talk and get your message across via your computer rather than the traditional telephone.

Internet Protocol or VoIP technology

By using VoIP technology with your lawn service, you will be able to get a professional lawn care company to respond to your questions and provide you with the attention and service that you expect.

Another way that most lawn care companies offer a more comprehensive service is by scheduling appointments for grass cuttings, weed control, mulching, seed selection, and seed application. These services are usually not included as part of a standard lawn service package. However, many companies offer different pricing options for these services, depending on the customer’s individual needs.

Some companies offer a flat rate for one appointment for one day, while other companies offer a monthly flat rate for six or more lawn care appointments. The same is true for mulching: some companies offer a single charge for this service, while others offer a monthly charge for mulching throughout the lawn’s life cycle.

The final thing to look for in lawn care services is the cost per service. Some homeowners mistakenly think that lawn service costs more than it actually does, simply because it seems more costly than other types of services. For example, professional companies that offer maintenance services often include the cost of service in the price of the service, making homeowners’ lawn care bills look higher than they are. However, lawn service only consists of about ten minutes of work each week, on average. In addition, homeowners may be eligible for a discount, which could significantly reduce the cost per service.

Many homeowners do not take into account the possibility of negotiating a lawn maintenance cost per square foot with their lawn service provider. In fact, when contacting a lawn maintenance provider, the easiest way to set up a consultation is by providing the provider with a copy of your current lawn maintenance contract. The contract will show all fees associated with the service, including the lawn maintenance cost per square foot.

Final Words

By offering to negotiate on a regular basis, you will ensure that the lawn service provider is very clear about the amount of work they should be charging and can no longer overcharge you. Once you have established a relationship with a lawn maintenance provider, you can call them each month to see if any discounts or promotions are available, as well as asking if you qualify for any kind of customer appreciation bonus.

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