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“Railblaza, the name says it all!” – Richard Gerspach “The greatest benefit to me of having a garden path behind my house is that I no longer have to keep calling maintenance people and asking them to do extra work because of a broken or loose rail. When it comes to maintenance, Railblaza delivers like clockwork.” ~ Karen R., Leicester, MA “RAILBLAZA delivers what it says: easy-to-use, convenient, stylish, and very high-quality. We’re not just talking about price, but the variety of accessories available, from rail covers to railing kits, rail spikes for wood, and of course the fantastic looks that only a custom rail can bring.” ~ Bill Dennison “I’m very pleased with everything that I purchased from RAILBLAZA.

The prices are excellent, the products are of high quality, and the shipping time was quicker than I had anticipated. In short, all of the things I bought from RAILBLAZA exceeded my expectations.” ~ Dan S., New Haven, CT “RAIL BLAZA is a company that specializes in making garden paths safe and functional, while at the same time providing an attractive, aesthetic look that many people appreciate. Their products meet exacting standards and the company exceeds customer expectations in every area of business.”

“We wanted a product that looked like it could be a part of our landscape or that would match our home’s exterior, and railblaza came through big time with excellent customer service and an extremely fast delivery schedule. We love the fact that it’s so easy to customize our railings with pre-made or pre-built rail mount kits that are compatible with all standard 4-foot and smaller garden railings and handrails. Plus, when you buy railblaza you can also choose from a wide selection of different seaports, including contemporary, traditional, residential/commercial.” ~ David S., Fort Collins, CO “I really liked how easy it was to assemble our railings. I’ve made several of my own after reading the directions online, and they were both secure and attractive.”

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“Having spent some time looking for the perfect railblaza mounting system, we found that railblaza from Railblazas Direct were exactly what we were looking for Railblaza Products. The quality of the railblaza we purchased was top notch, and we are very pleased with the final product. We are able to freely use our railblaza bases in all of our outdoor gatherings, and it looks great with all of our outdoor furniture.” ~ Debra B., Fort Collins, CO

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